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By Michael Adelberg

Matt Duffy is in obstacle. His son, Jack, is a highschool bully who makes an attempt suicide after Matt snuffs out a fast-moving teenager romance. Outwardly, Matt is ok, yet inside of he's packed with guilt and resentment. Matt reluctantly is of the same opinion to work out a psychiatrist who pushes him to discover his fractious parenting and his personal bullying earlier. the result is a suite of Matt’s most crucial, outrageous, macabre, and indelible stories.

A considering Man’s Bully locks readers into Matt’s head as he romps with hell-raising associates, bumbles out and in of minor romances, and makes an attempt to control a flamable courting together with his meant ally, who died by means of his personal hand. all of it serves to make it effortless to recollect bullies like Matt, Jack, and a few of Matt’s pals as fearsome humans to be kept away from.

Within this debut novel, readers are despatched again to highschool to relive either their insecurities and bear in mind the attract of the bad-ass and the mean-spirited laughter that comes too simply on the fee of others. Adelberg additionally hop-scotches the final 30 years of yank popular culture with slicing wit. An eclectic mixture of the recognized and infamous—including Brittany Spears, Lou Reed, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and O.J.—are coated up for roasting. Nor does he face up to skewering an array of up to date America’s sacred cows and delicate themes: racism, sexism, homophobia, type bias, ageism, psychological incapacity, and, in fact, bullying.

Ultimately, we're witness to the profound fight of an getting older bully who's no longer particularly misplaced, yet faraway from redeemed; a soul pitted opposed to the becoming cognizance that he has transferred his worst demons to his son.

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